Vanagon Westfalia Accessories

These are a Few Item's That VW Forgot To Add In The Vanagon Westfalia --

And Some Other Essential Parts & Vanagon Accessories.

All Of The Parts & Prices You Find Listed Here Are Current & Correct .

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84 to 91 Vanagon Shift Shaft Bushings---New & Improved!

I know--these bushings aren't limited to a Westfaila only--but they are sure worth mentioning as they are a no longer available from VW for any Vanagon with a manual transmission.

Folks have been having problems locating gears in a crisp manner with the original , worn out polyeythelyne bushings still in their Vans--it's grab what ya can find.
These bushings were manufactured because of multiple requests from those Vanagon Folks that needed their shifter's to function properly.

I had these custom machined out of Delrin, and are a solid material all the way through the bore to support the shift shaft properly.
They are slippery than and goose grease, and will outlast your Van.

The bushings are $35.00 each, and the van's shift shaft has two of them--one above the gas tank--one next to the trans shift shaft.

Another bullet proof , long lasting, replacement / updated part for your Vanagon I have to offer.


Vanagon Rebuilt Steering Shaft U-Joint!

Here's an important steering part that is often neglected, overlooked and has folks mis-diagnosing steering issue's on their Vanagon--when the problem was a locked up, frozen, or sloppy & worn out steering shaft u-joint assembly.

If your steering wheel doesn't return, your having a hard time turning the wheel, or the Van is wandering all over the road-- --this is the problem--and a simple fix.

The Vanagon new, rebuilt U-joint assembly is $128.85 exchange--send me your old one, I'll rebuild it, and return it.

If you don't want to do it this way there is a $100.00 core charge which will be refunded upon your core return.

The Core Muct Be Rebuldable!
The yokes of the joint can't be rusted away to nothing--or the bearing support yokes beat up so bad they can't be machined properly & won't function or accept the cross of the new U-joint.

Do Not Beat the U-Joint Up On The Way Off.
I've had the cores returned where they have been hammered, cold chisseled, and generally totally junk, non-rebuildable.

Heat is your friend--heat up ends of the yokes with an oxy / acetylene torch, and they will slide off of the steering shaft / rack real easy without beating the u-joint into a non-rebuildable part.

If you have to hammer it off, use a brass punch--not steel.

If it's junk, toss it.
Not too many folks pay attention to this part, most don't even know it's there, let alone know what kind of shape it's in and it's beyond re-building.

The core must get back to me within 30 days from the time you purchased the rebuilt u-joint or the core charge is forfitted.

I have cores out there in Vanagonland that I've been waiting over a year for --the core charge is void afer 30 days--

I do want them back in a prudent manner.


Vanagon VW Issue Antenna--

I've had so many antenna's get busted off my Vanagon by kids, or tored off in a car wash.
The reason why?
The stock VW telescoping antenna has never been locally available--the cheap one's were.

Here's is the correct VW issue antenna.

It telescopes completly flush with the front cowel, and is one tough unit.

It's a far cry from the cheap made in China or Tiawan replacements that you can find at Pep Boy's or The Auto Zone--
Plus the VW antenna's fit right---

The Genuine Vanagon VW replacement is $20.00 plus shipping.


Vanagon Westfalia Lower Curtain Retaining Wires

Here's a brand new Vanagon Westfalia lower curtain wire that keeps the curtains from blowing in the breeze, and flyng around inside of the Van.

It's for the rear most window on the R/H side of the Van

VW pt.# 255 070 405 B

$18.65 plus priority mail shipping.


Vanagon Westfalia Lower Curtain Retainer--L/H side

This Vanagon Westfalia lower curtain wire is for the L/H side window of the Van .

VW part # 255 070 405 C

It's No Longer Available Part from VW or Westfalia.

I ran into a couple of cases of them in a dark, dingey back room of a VW warehouse.

$27.45 plus priority mail shipping

Both the right hand side & the left hand side Westfalia curtain wires can be used together to make permanent curtain holder's for yor GL, Wolfsburg or Carat.
Very simple installation and it's a easy way to get a set of curtains to hang in your non-Westfalia.


NEW!-83.5 to 91 Vanagon Front Heater Core

Here is a brand new Vanagon front heater core that is No Longer Available from VW.
Hasn't been in several years.

This heater core is a much better unit than the stock VW unit.

It's core is made out of Copper--the stock VW unit was made out of Aluminum.
The side tanks & inlet & outlet pipes are made outa steel.
The stock front core had plastic tanks & pipes.
It was a non-repairable unit--throw it away when it leaks.

This Heater core is high air volume unit and will throw more BTU's into the Vans cab than the stock core.
It fits the front heater box like a glove, and comes with the foam insulation tape already installed to prevent it from rattling inside the heater box as the stock unit did.

It comes witha one year guarantee, and it's priced right.

$289.00 plus shipping.

This front heater core is an exclusive item offered by me, and no other Vanagon Vendor has them available--anywhere.


Vanagon Steel Replacement Firewall Gas Fitting!

Here's an important replacement item that ebvery Vanagon Owner should install in their Van.

Get the brittle plastic fuel fitting out of the engine compartment, and get this perfectly duplicated steel bulkhead fitting in where the plastic one was.
If your thinking of changing your original gas lines , you should change this part too.

It's tough, will never fracture, and is an easy installation.

If for nothing else it will elminate the thought of an engine fire when the old plastic fitting snaps off and blows gas all over the engine.

The steel replacemnet fitting is $39.00 plus shipping.



Here's an example of the original plastic firewall gas fitting

Check out how the one mounting ear is broken--

Not good, not safe.

It's a disaster waiting to happen.


Here's Another Picture of the Firewall Fuel Fitting.

This is what you would be seeing looking into the back of your engine compartment.


Vanagon Westfalia Two Stage Regulator Cover's

Here's two cover's to cover both portions of the original equipment Marshall Brass regulator.
They snap right on and protect the regulator's from the elements.

$16.95 plus shipping


Vanagon Westfalia Propane Tank Shut Off Valve

Here's a new, replacement on / off valve for for any Vanagon or Type 2 Westfalia's propane tank.

It's a genuine VW replacement item, and will fit the tank perfect.

If you have a valve that's leaking, won't shut off, or turn the propane on in your Van, or your rebuilding your tank and replacing all of the old hardware---this is what your going to need to get the job done.

It is also one of the growing list of Vanagon / Type 2 NO LONGER AVAILABLE PARTS--at VW.

$54.25 plus priority mail shipping.


Vanagon Westfalia Propane Shut off Valve to Regulator Union

Sometimes the union between the propane shut off valve & the regulator just is worn out & leaks.
I don't know why but it happens from time to time, & folks have asked me for replacements to repair the leak.

So, I keep a couple of these unions in stock just in case you might need one.

They are not a cheap Chinese part, they are mfg'd right here in the good ole USA, and are of high quality
Good Stuff.

$12.10 each plus shipping


Vanagon Westfalia Replacement Propane Fill Valve

Here's a new propane fill valve to replace the leaking, froze up, and defective Autostop fill valve installed in your Westfalia propane tank.

All's that has to be done, is remove the broken / non- functioning Auto Stop Fill Valve and install the manual fill valve & bleeder valve.

It's an unscrew, and screw in operation.

The propane fill station attendant will actually be able to load up your tank without scratching his head, trying to figure out how to use the antique Auto Stop Valve that Westfalia hung on the tank at the factory.

This will elminate a bunch of problem's.

There are cheaper fill valves that can be had.--But BEWARE!
They don't have a Double Check Valve in them (The $15.00 Acme valve is one of them, ),

This replacement does have the double check valve ,

It's the correct replacement part for the Vanagon Westfalia propane tank, and is the best way to get rid of the problematic Autostop Valve.

The new Valve, & Bleeder are $51.89 plus shipping


Vanagon Westfalia Propane Fill Valve Extension--

Here's a new item that will help you when your filling up your propane tank.
It's a big pain to reach the fill valve with the propane attendants fill hose--The fill valve on the tank pretty buried under the rocker panel of the Van & at a wierd angle.

Screw the fill extension onto the tank valve at fill up time, and the job is now real simple.

The custom built extension is 10" long and comes with the tank valve adapter and another fill valve & cap on the outside end--with a protective cap--the one pictured doesn't have it on there.

This isn't made to leave on the tank, it's to be used only at propane fill up time.

$128.00 plus shipping.

A Neat New Westfalia Accessory-----


Vanagon/ Westfalia Vent Shades

Here's a neat accessory item to add to your Vanagon or Westfalia.
Front door window vent shades.

They allow you to keep the front window's opened a hair when it's raining or snowing tho help de-fog the interior glass on the roll, or if you need just a little air when your out, parked & camping.

They come in smoked color only and tale about 5 minutes to install.

They do look real nice on a Vanagon front door.

$54.95 plus shipping.


Vanagon Westfaila Water Tank Cap

Lost the water tank cap on your Westy?

Here's the correct factory Westfalia replacement cap---

Don't try and screw a Home Depot PVC threaded
pipe plug onto the tank---you'll strip the threads.
They are not the same thread pitch, and what you'll wind up doing is damaging the drain outlet threads on your tank---you'll have to replace the tank---

$43.28 plus shipping.

It's an expensive genuine VW issue item--but it's correct, it fits right, and won't mess up your water tank drain outlet.
It also comes with the proper rubber seal inside of it.


NEW ! Westfalia Dometic RM182-B Service Manual

Here is the factory service manual for the refrigerator in your Westy.

It has 2 pages of a super trouble shooting guide for electric as well as gas operation, & a detailed removal insatllation instructions.

It also has 3 pages of wiring schematics.

Nice book to have to trouble shoot and repair your Westy's refrigerator.

$9.00 plus shipping


2 Pages of Dometic Factory Trouble Shooting .

This is a big plus--and a big help if your having problems with your refrigerator.


3 Pages of Detailed Diagram's

It has real nice operational and proper installtion picture's and diagrams.


NEW ! 80 to 91Vanagon Westfalia Dometic RM 182 B Refrigerator Owner's Manual's

Here is a Brand New Westy Owner's manual.

If you ever wanted to know the proper way to get that reefer lit--or just want to know how to operate it right--this is the manual to have.

It has everything in it you wanted to know about the cantankerous referigerator--and maybe somethings you didn't want to know.

It has a list of parts in the back, and a listing of the Dometic dealer's that are here in the the US.

If your Westy is missing this dealer supplied manual--here is an opportunity to complete your Vanagon Library of manual's.

$7.00 plus shipping.


A portion of the back pages


Vanagon AFC Injection Manual ( 76 to 83 air cooled only)

I was attending a hot rod swap meet, and ran into this vendor who was selling Type 2 Bus and Vanagon parts.
He had 4 cases of fuel injection related manual's.
AFC, Digijet, and Digifant.

They are all brand new, and spiral bound books.

If your having problem's with your Bus or Van running right, these manuals will help you correct it, and cover much more than I thought they would..

They all have a comprehesive trouble shooting guide right up front, and a simple to read and follow diagnostic solutions.

There are real nice pictures of each individual engine management electrical item, and how to test, adjust, and repair each component all in the correct order.

If you are going to own & drive a injected Bus or Vanagon, these Tech / Repar manuals are an important item to have in your library.

The Bentley doesn't even come close to the information these manual's contain.

They are $19.95 plus priority mail shipping .


Vanagon 83.5 to 85 1.9 Digijet Injection Tech / Repair Manual

This is for the engine management system for any 1.9 early water cooled Vanagon


Vanagon 86 to 91 2.1 Digifant Injection Sytem Tech / Repair Manual

This manual cover's all of the Vanagon 2.1 Digifant injection engine control system's


Vanagon 83.5 to 91 Acccessory Front Heater Shut Off Valve

Here's the answer for your hot feet durring 100 degree weather---

A positive, absolute, never leak, hot water shut off valve.

Ever tried to either adjust the stock front heater valve, or move the cable on the cheap VW stock retaining clip?

It's a pain to get to, and a bigger pain to adjust.

Here's a simple solution---

Install this valve either under the front heater cover on one of the horizontal hoses, or anywhere under the Vanagon on either one of the front heater hoses.
In the back of the Van or in the front., it makes no difference.

Now you can positivly shut down the water flow duriing the summer---simple & easy--and it won't leak any hot water to the front heater core creating more heat than you really want up front.

You'll be amazed at how much better your AC unit will work without fighting the heat blowing out of the front floor vents.

Your tootsie's will thank you too---

And for winter running it's as simple as flipping the lever open--a 2 second job.

I mounted the valve under the front heater cover in front of the shfter.
I pull the cover, flip the valve the heat is on in the winter and off in the spring.

Installation Time?
Maybe10-20 minutes at best.

The custom made Vanagon heater valve assembly complete with the stainless clamps is $29.80 plus priority mail shipping.



New Vanagon Pedal Pads---

No, these pads aren't unusual or especially for a Westy--But I ran into some of them and thought I would offer them along with the other item's here.
If you need one for an automatic they are $9.70 each---plus shipping
These are Geunine VW pads---not made in Tiawan aftermarket.


Vanagon Westfalia Curtain Hooks

Here's an item that is either broken, or missing in most Vanagon Westfalia's--the curtain hooks.
These are genuine VW issue brand new hooks--

They are not aftermarket replacement's.

Fix them drooping, hanging curtains with a new set.

$3.75 plus shipping--for a set of 5---
or .75 each for as many as you may need.

( minimum order of 5 )


Vanagon Westfalia Replacement Curtain Eye Slides

Curtains Hanging?
Here are replacement curtain slides for any Westy that have either dried up and broke, or are just plain missing and gone in your Westfalia.

$.45 each--plus shipping, with minium order of 10.


Vanagon Westfalia Dual Battery Hook up Kit

If you have an 83 to 91 Westfalia,
and would like to add a second battery so you can add power to all the 12 volt accessories in the rear of the Van,
Like the fridge, and what ever else you would want to ever add-- this is the hot set up---
It's two battery clamps--and the wires to hook up the existing relay that is under the driver's seat to a second battery ( which also fits under the driver's seat )

It comes with simple instructions--and actually the hardest part of this update is yanking out the seat--

It's a 20 minute job--at best--and will give your Westfalia a dedicated battery for the back end of the Van, without sucking any juice off of the starter battery--

The kit anywhere else ( popular internet vendor's) is $19.95 plus $6.00 shipping.

This kit is $9.99 , plus shipping.

Same quality--better price--


Vanagon 86 to 91 Vanagon HD Muffler Strap!

I made these straps for my Vans--and a few of them for other Vanagon owner's in a desperate answer for some sort of longevity factor for the muffler retainer straps.

I can't believe the garbage VW sells, as well as other internet vendors for muffler straps--

They are not just sheet metal--with the mounting strap just rolled the pin it to hold it to the strap--

Mine are 3/32nds HD thick strap , with a welded pin--that will out last your Van, and more than likely 3 or 4 muffler's--

It's zinc plated and where I weld the locating pin it is painted with high temp paint---

VW gets 50 bucks each for the stock tin straps--but as with most oher Vanagon parts they are now No Longer Available.

I'll custom build you them for $24.95 each plus shipping.

Another super deal--and a long lasting solution for the cheap, toilet paper thin, short lived straps that are currently available from any other Vanagon Parts Vendor .
These HD Muffler straps will outlive your Vanagon & you---no problem


Is This What Your Van's Current Muffler Straps Looks LIke??

Here's a picture of a typical Vanagon tin muffler strap prior to changing it--



Vanagon 80 to 83 Air Cooled & 83.5 to 85 1.9 HD Muffler Strap

Here's a HD muffler strap for any air cooled or early water cooled Vanagon.

They are made to the same spec's as the HD 2.1 muffler straps, and will last forever.

It's $27.95 plus shipping.




Here is is a few Mfg. distributed movies originally available for the dealerships, to help the Tech's out in undesrstanding a few of the sytems in a Vanagon.

(1) AC Service.
( This tape will tell you how to recharge and locate AC problems in a Vanagon )

(2) Throttle Positioning Switch Adjustment ( This is possibly the best must have tape --nine times outa ten when your engine is swallowing gas, or running poorly, this is the first place to start in correcting the problem.)

(3) 86 to 91 Engine Managment System Maintenence. ( This tape will give you a good overall view on how to diagnose and correct engine running problems )

(4) Westfalia Refrigerator Maintenence, Removal, and operation ( This one is a real good one to have for those of you that are having problems getting the Reefer to oprerate on gas )

Then I have two Sales Tapes from the VW.
They show the complete Vanagon Line --and all the features .

(5) 87 Westfaila.

(6) 88 Vanagon--All the model's

These are fun to Watch.---

The tapes are appoximatly 10 to 15
minutes long each.---

Choose what you would like to have and I'll put it on one tape for $3.25 per subject, plus $2.00 for the blank tape.

These are really super good stuff--especially the Tech information--and they will help you out a bunch in keeping your Vanagon running as per factory specs.



Vanagon Center Console / Drink Holder

I have had several requests regarding this neat console--and have sold a bunch of them, so I am adding them to the list of things to have in your GL, Weekender, or Westfalia--

It is a Wolf console--with two closed compartments--one in front--for you change, tapes, or CD's--and a rear one for whatever you want to put in it, plus a map holder net built into the rear end of it--and a sun glass holder in front with two drink holders-and two drink holder's in the rear.

The reason I went with this attractive unit is because of the drink holder's--

I've seen folks, hack, chop, alter their doors, dash,and seat mounts, just trying to get a place to drop a drink for a ride--- and they seem to always be in the way-- I really like the console because it offers some more "close to me while driving" precious storage.

It is portable--and has a carpet glued to the bottom of it --so it doesn't slide around--but yet it can be easily moved if you woud like to use the isle--

This Wolf console is nationally advertised--on the internet for $159.99--and at many auto parts stores for $139.99--

I have them for $99.95 plus shipping--

They are available in early Vanagon tan ( 80 to 85)--or later Vanagon grey ( 86 to 91)--

Ths set up worked out real nice-- in my 85 GL, my 87 Westfalia, and my 89 Carat

A Very Nice Accessory for your Van--


A Side Shot Of The Vanagon Console

This is the light Tan console primarily for the 80 to 85 Vanagons.
You can get an idea of where the drink holder's are in the front and back



An Even Better Shot

Here you can get an idea of how the lids open --and I want to let ya know--this console does hold a bunch of "essential items"--:>)


86 to 91 Vanagon Grey Console--

Exacatly the same as the 80 to 85 Tan unit---only this one matches your later model grey interior.


Front Shot of The late Model Vanagon Grey Console


83.5 to 85 Vanagon Replacement Stainless Steel " Patch Pipes"

Here is a picture of the heavy wall ( 0.65 )
stainless replacement coolant lines for any 83.5 to 85 Vanagon, be it a GL or Westfalia

The factory steel lines tend to rot right behind the R/H rear wheel---and this is the permanent solution.

The custom built, made to order kit comes with the two food grade ( 304-L ) corrosion proof, high tensile strength coolant tubes that replace and splice into the rusted out area, two HD silicone high temp / high pressure splice hoses, and 4 aircraft clamps,<>

This is a forever repair---and is 100 times better than any Hokey Pokey rubber hose splice that has been used in the past to repair the rotten coolant lines behind the wheel--and takes half the time to do the job right the first time.

This is the ultimate answer to a common problem.

These pipes do not repair the whole length of the cooling pipes.
They allow you to replace / repair the rusted out section's that fit behind the R/H rear wheel only.

The price of this professionally manufactured kit is $145.00---plus shipping.



Typical Early Rusted Out Coolant Line

This is what was in the back end of my 85 GL---a bunch of holes and rusted out pipe.

The Stainless lines replaced this garbage perfect.


83.5 to 85 Vanagon Complete Set of Stainless Coolant Replacement Pipes

The stock, 1.9 full length coolant pipes that run
from the radiator in front to the firewall in the rear of the Van are no longer available from VW.
Thay are now NLA.

Some people swap the rusted out and rotton pipes for PVC, some use rubber hose, some use soft copper tubing--all of which won't really last too long, and thay are asking to be broke down with an empty coolant system.

Here is a custom built to order, exact copy of the early Vanagon pipes complete from the front to the rear of the Van, in .065, 304-L food grade, corrosion proof, stainless steel tubing.

They are available in one piece, or split for ease of installation, and savings in shipment.

The one piece pipes are $329.00 plus an oversized shipping charge , because of their length.

The two piece pipe kit is $345.00 and come with a black rubber hose union and stainless and are less than half of what the one piece pipes are to ship.

There isn't a better complete replacement coolant line set up available anywhere on the planet for early Vanagon's

The stainless steel pipes will outlast your Van without any further problem's.

I've made / sold hundreds of sets of the pipes, and have had folks tell me that because of the stainless steel pipes radiating the heat from the coolant, their engines are actually running cooler.

Here's an avaialable option for the two piece pipes.
If you would like high pressure / high temp silicone hose for the center splice unions, add $35.00.
If you want 4 stainless hose clamps for the splice add $8.00 for the clamps.


86 to 91 Vanagon 2wd / Syncro Stainless Steel Replacement Coolant Pipes

Here is the ultimate repair / solution / update for
any later model Vanagon, Syncro, Westfalia, Weekender, Carat, or Wolfsburg's cooling system.

Picture perfect custom made stainess steel duplicates of the original factory plastic pipes, that will not fracture, crack, or self destruct under your Van
(The Syncro crew will enjoy this update---it makes the coolant pipes bullet proof for 4 wheeling in the boonies )

The Stainless Pipes are also available for any Single or Double Cab Vanagon Pick up truck, 2wd or Syncro.

I custom mandrel bend these 0.65 heavy wall, food grade ( 304-L ) corrosion proof, high tensile strength stainless pipes, and they are the final answer to a big problem with the cooling sytem's in any later model Vanagon.

The custom made pipes are $329.00 per pair, in one continuous length--
Or I also offer them split in half to make it easier to install, and are cheaper to ship.

The split pipes are joined in the middle with black rubber radiator hose which is included with the pipes for $345.00 --plus shipping.

if you want high pressure / high temp silicone hose for the splice area add $35.00, if you want the 4 stainless aircraft clamps, add $8.00 to the price.

These custom stainless pipes really look good and are even pretty under your Van--:)

There isn't a better Vanagon cooling system update offered anywhere else on the planet---

These pipes are genuine "Made In The USA" high quality--- and on a "made to order" basis.


Beaded Ends

Here is a shot of the ends of the stainless pipes for both the 83.5 to 85' 1.9's and the 86 to 91 2.1's.


Real good shot of a junk 86 to 91 Plastic Coolant Line

This is what fails on all later model Vanagon's cooling system--the ends of the pipes.
They have a steel sleeve's glued inside the ends of the plastic pipes to support the hose clamps for the hose union on the ends of them--The pipes get old, the glue dries up, the lines split, and they fail .

This is a typical done, cooked, fried, adios, morto, finito, original issue plastic pipe that is split and a real good reason to update to the new stainless replacement pipes---


Vanagon Westfalia Upper Bunk Step

This picture shows how it fits into the front
table mount--

How in the heck did VW or Westfalia expect anyone to get to the upper bunk without something like this installed??


Ths picture shows how it was made to clear both the cabinet drawer as well as the lower cabinet door.
However you swing it, it clears everything,


Construction of the Step

It is built off center, so it
can be swung out of the isle, and tuck behind the driver's seat,so it will be out of the way when not in use.

It is made out of heavy wall tubing and 1/8" plate, with a coating of anti slip black urethane bed liner.

The top of the step has had a gusset welded betwen the bottom of it to the pipe to add strength.

I dropped this step into a jack stand and lowered the rear ends of a tandem Mack truck onto it---about 15,000 lbs.
It supported it without bending or flexing.

It is a well built unit---and still lightweight.


Just another picture of the inside of my Westfalia to show the application of the anti slip bed liner on the top of the step for saftey--and the cabinet to step clearance.


My 74 Westfalia has a step stool which VW supplied with the Bus--I can't for the life of me figure out how VW expected a person to get up to the top bunk without something to give you a boost in a Vanagon Westfalia.

I custom build these assist steps on a per order basis, and if you really want to make the trip up to the top bunk in your Westfalia a simple task, drop me a line, and I'll be more than happy to build you one.

They are Available in either Grey ( 86 to 91 ) or Brown ( 80 to 85 ) to match your

They are $45.00 plus shipping--



I Needed Some Shade

I wanted an Awning--but didn't want to spend $600.00 plus shipping , nor did I want a toliet paper thin, flimsey unit that the Bus Depot offer's.

I also didn't want to bore any holes in the side of my Van to mount the awning, or have the unit rattling on the side of the Van as I roll down the road---

So Here's what I did----

I just picked up this Sunbrella awning, & had sewn to my spec's.
It really looks neat hooked up to the side of my Westfalia--especially in the matching maroon.


The Vanagon Awning Really Adds Some Shade !!

When the Van is pointed south when parked, the awning keeps the summer's sun from baking the interior --


Looong Poles--

The poles are HD--and totally adjustable--from 4 ft. to 7 ft..

I am 6'1" tall, and wanting to be able to enter the Van without squating just to walk under it--
I also wanted to be able to extend the center pole to give the awning some pitch, so if in fact it rained with it up, the water would run off of it--rather than pool in the center----

The three grommets are also marine grade- bullet proof stuff.

I can get these made in almost any single solid color in the rainbow--.

High quality & durability is a bit more than the economy stuff made available by a few of the VW list vendor's.

It's in no way, shape, or form, a $99.99 cheesy unit that the Bus Depot offer's

I wanted something that lasted-- good for the long haul, and wouldn't fall apart after a couple of times out with it.

It's double stitched and made to marine grade specs.

This Sunbrella canvas will last many years----it won't rot, fade, rip, shread, or fail when you put it up--or if a mild breeze comes up--

This particular solid color awning is 7" x 7" for $375.00 and it can be made to almost any size you want at an adjusted price.

Striped Sunbralla is available, and is not the same price as the soild color's --ask for a price.

For color availability go to and take a look at their color chart---you have a bunch of choices.


New addtion for the Vanagon Westfalia- A Window AC Unit !!---

Here is a new addition to my 87 Westfalia
A 5000 BTU window AC unit---with a custom made attachment bracket, and Sunbrella boot to close up the space betwween the AC unit to the surrounding window frame---

Thie Sunblrella Canvas boot looks good too--and really is a neat addition to the Van.


Close Up Shot Of the Vanagon AC Unit

The hanging brackets are made of 1/4 inch steel channel iron, with 3/8th's rod attached to it--and then attached to a 1.5" x 1/4 inch angle iron box frame to hold the AC unit to the hanger's--
It is totally adjustable, at the top as well as the bottom---bullet proof--


Good Mounting Shot

The upper hanging brackets have rubber lined bottoms, to prevent marring the luggage rack---and the adjustment rods are covered with rubber tubing to prevent them from scratching the drip mouding. The bottom bracket, under the unit, that lays up against the door is also covered with rubber to prevent the frame from scratching the paint.
It all works out perfect---


Interior Shot

Here is the inside of the Van--with the AC unit in place--with the boot attached.
I have found the unit capable of maintaining 60
degree's with the pop top up at 90 degree's outside temperature.
This setup for sure makes any camping trip much more pleasurable--especially a night--you'll sleep like a brick---no sweat.

You'll want to know how in the heck you've done without it for so long--

It works super--and is very simple and fast to attach to your Westy---

Hang it, flip the boot up---and plug in--that's it.
Hanging time--Maybe 30 seconds.
What a great " Cool " addition for any 74 Bus to 91 Vanagon Westfalia.

The unit is Not Sold In Kit Form--the mounting bracket's and the boot are not available individually.
The unit comes as a complete assembly--ready to hang and cool the Van down for $469.00, plus shipping.

I manufacture the AC Units from the end of October to April 30th so you can be ready to use it for summer.

Please don't wait to order the unit in the spring and or early summer & expect immediate delivery--
Your looking at 4-6 week build to ship time simply because everyone waits till the last minute,and needs them right now---
Nobody seems to be able to think far enough ahead and have them built in the winter when the snows flying.

I can't figure this one out, so be patient.

E-Mail Me for more details, or if you have any questions.


Another Picture Of The AC Unit With A Light Grey Boot

Here is an example of the AC unit mounted on the side of a white Syncro Westfalia with a light grey boot to match the interior .

Looks super nice.


The New Clock / Temp Gauge Tells It All !!

Here is a picture of the new temp gauge / clock mounted on the wall last trip down to KY.

Check the middle temp--that's the comfort zone inside of the my Westy at 2:08 pm---

The bottom reading is the outdoor temp--

The AC unit works real good-- and boy does it suck the humidity out of the interior making the stay at the campsite all the more comfortable---:>)


An AccessoryVanagon Permanent Mount 12 Volt Jumper Cable Plug & Cables

I got tired of twisting and turning the seat---sliding
it to it's limits-- groaping to be sure the connections are correct just to be able to help another motorist out--or in the event my Westfalia needed a jump start--especially whe it's -20 below on the thermometer--this is a plug in and go set up--

This is a picture of the location of the accessory 12 volt plug that is permanently wired to my starting battery under the passenger seat,and attached to the side of the floor next to the passenger seat.

What used to take me 20 minutes to do, now is a plug in and go set up---


Vanagon Accessory Jump Start Cable Storage

Here is the cables prior to plugging it into the permanent outlet plug in the Van, which are HD units--- as used in electric fork lifts--175 amp capacity---no short cuts here.
I used an extra set of jumper cables I already had laying around.
All I did was to lop off the clamps on one end and solder the connections for the accessory plugs.

Neat, clean, trouble free, and you can rest assured the porlarity to your Van will always be correct.
No shorting out your alternator when you want to get jumped, or start somebody that's marooned on the side of the road.

If you might be interested having one of these jumper kits made for your Westfalia--drop me a line--I will be happy to build one for you.

The cutom made kit with a new set of cables, plugs, the correct end's for the battery, the cables to feed off of the battery and a carrying case is $82.90 plus shipping.

All's you have to do is attach the short hook up cable ends to the battery terminal fastener's & screw the plug down along side of the battery box to the floor--I even supply the screws to do that.

It's a neat, handy item to have in your Van.


Vanagon Westfalia Replacement Flourescent Interior Lamps

I took out the lame power sucking incadescent lamp, and added three of these attractive aluminum constructed flourescent lamps--two on the left side of my Westy--one over the rear table, one over the sink--and one over the sliding door, on the bottom of the fresh air vent housing.
They throw twice as much light as the factory unit--and rob less power from the battery when in use.
I'm also going to add one to the bottom of the rear AC housing--just in front of the rear hatch.

These are real nice light units--and much brighter than the old Westfalia three bulb single incadescent fixture's,


Fixtures on L/H side

Here is the two on the L/H side of the Van--the one over the sink, and the one over the rear table.


Picture From The Back Hatch

These look one heck of a lot nicer than the stock Westfalia incadescent unit--and throw white, bright, light.

I have the factory VW lamp fixtures available for $54.95 each plus shipping.

( Or you could get the same lamp at the Bus Depot or Go Westy for $59.95 and VW Parts for $160.00.)


Vanagon Brighter Tail Lamp Upgrade

I have done many upgrades to both of my Vans--BUT this one is possibly the best one Yet--

I almost got wacked several times in the rear of my 85 GL at night, and it seems that as the driver's of the other vehicles were going by swearing at me--their biggest complaint was they didn't see me--and I do agree that the tailamps of the Vanagon are mounted way too low on the vehicle, and much too low wattage bulbs to be safe.

So I did some calculating, and tried several different combinations and this one worked out well.
I have developed brighter / bigger wattage tail lamps that are a direct fit replacement bulbs for the rear end of your Vanagon.
I love the thought of being seen and not hit at night--especially with the low slung tail lamps--and the low wattage bulbs.
---It requires 8---
(2) for the running lamps
(2) for the stop lamps
(2) for the turn signals
and (2) for the back up lamps--and these do allow you to see behind the Van, at night when running in reverse--

These are $2.99 each plus shipping, order as many as you may need.


The Tail end of my 87 Westfalia at night---

Like I said---It's a light show---and a much bigger difference from the lame stock kerosine like bulbs---
These lamps have been n this Van for 3 years 3 months and 10 days--no wiring hassle's--

The red reflection on the bottom is the DOT Semi Trailer tape I have on the lower filler panel under the bumper--


Good Daytime Comparison Shot.

Fellow Vanagonite, Dan Reed sent me this picture of his Vanagon after he installed the bigger wattage bulbs on the drivers side only--for the sake of comparing the stock firefly bulbs to the new units---

The difference is pretty obvious even durring the day light hours--

I for one, sure do enjoy the option of knowing that the guy coming up behind me can see what my intentons are--and this high wattage bulb update sure takes care of that.

Thanks Dan--!!



Vanagon Big Wattage Front Turn Signal Bulbs

These bulbs are a direct replacement for the low wattage front turn signal / parking lamp bulbs--they plug right in--
The stock lamps are about 5 / 21 watts
This bright bulb update is 10 / 48 watts, and can be used either in a Vanagon or a type 2 Bus--

Makes the front end glow at night--no question of what your intentions are to on coming traffic--

I also have the brighter front bulbs in Amber for those of you that have clear front TS lenses--and they are the same price as the clear bright bulbs.

The clear bulbs are $2.99 ea, the amber $3.75 ea. plus shipping.


Comparison Picture of Bigger Wattage Parking Lamp Bulb

Here's a front end shot of a Westfalia, with one of the bright bulbs I supply on the passenger side of the Van--
On the driver's side it has installed a LED bulb.

As you can see, the bigger wattage incadescent bulbs are much brighter & out performs the LED--and at a fraction of the cost.

Please Note;
LED Bulbs Will Not Work In An Incadecent Bulb Fixture Because Of the Way The Reflective Surface Is Placed Behind The Bulb--Contrary To The "Experts" Advise--This Picture Is A Perfect Example Of Their Poor Performace.


Here's a Nighttime Front End Shot

This is the front end of my 89 Carat with the bright parking lamp / Turn signal bulbs installed--

Big difference from the stock dim bulbs--and much brighter than the LED's--( and a bunch cheaper too )--:>)



Vanagon Big Amp Headlamp Relays

I also have available genuine VW
issue headlamp relay kits that will allow you to one of three things--
(A) Have your stock headlamps be brighter.
(B) Be able to run bigger wattage headlamps without fear of burning up your wiring harness, or light switches--
(C) Allow the headlamps to get full current
off of the battery directly.

All pre wired --all you have to do is plug
them in--an easy and excellent update for your stock, or Big wattage headlamp bulb
lighting system.
This relay installation, will take AT THE MOST 20 to 30 minutes of your time--

$58.00 plus priority mail shipping, anywhere in the US.


Genuine VW Big Amp Relay Kit For Your Vanagon

This is the Kit---which consists of--( 2 ) 40 amp genuine VW relays, (2) relay mounts all the wiring and connector's pre wired, each wire tagged for easy identification to connect them, wire ties, and a simple to understand instruction sheet--no confusing wiring diagrams--

It's easier than you think---really--:>)


Super Simple Vanagon Accessory Automatic Transmission Cooler.

Here is a front shot looking back at an inexpensive item--for you Vanagonites with automatic transmissions--
A trans oil cooler that glues onto the bottom of your trans pan, which will drop the trans oil temps by 30 degree's--which in turn will allow your engine to operate cooler, by not having to absorb as much heat that the transmission produces.

I made two of these --one for my Westfalia--and one for my GL--and the trans temps dropped 30
degree's--enough to drop the needle on my temp gauge to the bottom of the LED red coolant level indicator--
And this was all summer at 98 degree's--!!!

They both were JB quick welded to the bottom of the trans pans--and both are working well, as well as mounted forever--
I will be able to make one of these air scoop cooler's--and supply the adhesive to permanently hang them with for $ 28.95--plus priority mail shipping.

Another quick, and easy solution, with excellent results, for a common Vanagon problem.


Side Shot---

I painted the air scoop in red for the benifit of the picture's--I'll paint them in black for anyone else.

The scoop is 2" lower than the front engine / trans mount---to get the maximum air intake without jepordising clearance below.

The scoop scavanges heat away from the trans pan, simply by having a mass amount of an air flow directed across the bottom surface of the metal pan--causing the trans to run cooler.

Mine were running at 240 degree's in the summer months which is an unwanted added temperature to the Van's cooling system, and will dramaticly extend the life of your transmission fluid, and transmission by simply making it run cooler--

This set up will take all of 15 minutes to mount--


Here is the only Vanagon Syncro item I have right now--and this was requested by several Syncronauts--


Here it is--A Jack Extension for any Vanagon Or Syncro

Installed Big Tires or wheels on your Van--and the stock jack is too short to get the Van off the ground?

Here's the answer--a jack extension.

The top of the extension is recessed to keep the bottom of the jack from sliding off--and I also drilled and welded a 1/4" locating pin in the center of the top plate to fit into the bottom of your jack--


Close up showing the top of the Jack Extension

With the broad 7" x 7" base the extension will keep the it from sinking--this has to be a big improvement from
the Vanagon stock jack--especially in the sand and mud--


Front looking back with the Jack in Place


I'll manufacture this jack extension as you would like--with any size base or taller unit---you name the poison--

The Extension as it is---will be $49.50---A wider plate on the bottom or taller extension will be a bit more.


Vanagon High Lift " Handy Jack"

For those of you who don't want to use the stock jack, and need to get your Van up higher off the ground because of oversized wheels & tires, here is an accessory Heavy Duty High Lift jack.

And it is a HD unit----

$52.89, plus shipping


Vanagon HIgh Lift Jack Extension

Here is a high lift jack extension that willl allow you to use the stock jacking points on any Vanagon, with a high lift jack.

It will back the jack away from the Van and still be
able to lift it without banging the vertical portion of the jack against the side of the Van.

It has a safety bolt that passes through the tongue of the jack to retain it.

It's HD--made out of 1/4" steel channel , and is bullet proof.

$45.00 plus Fed-Ex shipping .


Just another angle of the Vanagon High Lift Jack Extension


Morton's Urethane Bed Liner

I have told a bunch of folks about this excellent product in the prevention of corrosion on the bottom side of their vehicles--
It's bullet proof---lasts for years and doesn't chip fade, peel, or crack--once it's on---it's on for good

If you can't locate it drop me a line and I'll see what I can do--
It's $19.99 per can--and it takes 6 cans to lay a nice heavy coat of it on the bottom of your Bus or Van--
I've had it on the bottom of my 85 GL for 5 years--and my 87 Westy for 2--
It hasen't moved one iota--

I highly recommend it--


Interior / Exterior Panel Rust-Corrosion Preventative

Here is another product I highly suggest using--
Vanagon Panel Wax.
It's a Made in Germany, a WaxOyl type product, comes in easy to use spray cans--and is advertised as preventing corrosion on metal exposed to 200 hours of constant salt spray--
How long will the interior of your doors and side panels be subjected to that much of a direct blast of salt?
Not near anywhere that long--

This stuff is real easy to use-- runs into every miniscule crevas of the Van / Bus.
It does stink for a couple of days--but I sprayed it into the inside panels of both of my Vans-- and the Bus, Blew a heavy coat on the bottom side of all and It works very well, and sticks like glue.

It's similar to Waxoyl--a heavy waxed based product---

As of right now it's been on the vehicles for 7 years --and t hasn't budged--it's tough .

It's $19.99 per can--plus shipping.

I do really like this product.


Spark Plug Starer / Removal Tool !!

I didn't think I would ever have any tools listed in with the Westfalia parts--But I found this unique tool, used it, and was quite impressed.

You set the shaft at the desired angle to start a spark plug in it's hole, insert the plug in the plug holder end, twist the top knob only to start the plug into the engine.

It's not like the typical plug installtion tool that is nothing more than a short piece of hose--that loses the desired angle--this stay's put till your done.

It can be used to remove the plugs too--break them loose, slip the tool on the plug, and twist the knob--neat!!

The tool is $19.99 plus shipping.


Here's An Idea Of The Angle The Plug Holder Will Operate In--

You can set the plug starter tool at just about an angle you can think of---it will hold it till your done--


This is the Plug Holder End

Slip the spark plug insulator into the end--and it holds it till you have the plug started or removed.


This Is The Plug Starter Tool Twist Knob

Just twist this knob on the top of the tool--the bendable / adjustable shaft never moves--just the spark plug end--



I Accept , Cash, Postal Money Order, Personal Check,or Pal Pal +3.5% .

Here's exactly how to place an order;

E-Mail me with your wants/ needs.

Please tell me where the parts are being shipped to.

An address, zip code, or country would all be real good.

I'll E-Mail you back with the parts total & shipping cost, and then you can forward the appropriate funds.

Not complicated, not difficult.

To use Pay Pal please use my E-Mail address over at Pay Pal-- all in lower case lettering.

If you choose to use Pay Pal for your conveience, add 3.5% of the shipped total to the payment.

To make a purchase with cash, check or Money order my Mailing info is;

Terry Kay
621 Larkdale Ln.
Mt.Prospect,IL. 60056

Personal Checks requires 7 to 10 day's to clear

International Postal or Bank Money Order's are not acccepted.

If you have any questions, comments, or need some more information on any of these fine Vanagon update's feel free to E-Mail me at;

If you are in a state of emergency, broke down, or need a gift for your favorite Vanagon person yesterday call me at;


All Order's Are Processed Via E-Mail, Not The Telephone.

Return / Exchange / Damaged / Lost Parts Policy
Shipping insurance is a very high prioriy & recommended.

If for some reason any parts that may have gotten damaged in shipment, let me know and I'll work with you to get the problem resolved.

If you opted not to purchase optional shipping insurance coverage for parts shipped via USPS, there is nothing that can be done.
I would suggest inquiring about purchasing postal insurance.
It's just a good idea to have this coverage.

Parts that are not insured & are lost or damaged in shipment, I'll assume the buyer is self insuring the parcel (s) and will hold me harmless if the parts are lost, or damaged.

No deviations of this policy will be considered.

If you want to know where your package is at during shipment, please ask for delivery confirmation.
It's not that expensive, and while it won't cover the parts if they are lost or damaged, you'll be able to find out what happend to them or where they might be while they are en-route.

I don't have a crystal ball--I can't tell you where your package is at if you choose to save a buck and not purchase USPS delivery confirmation--please don't ask where the parts might be if you neglected to
choose this inexpesive service.

UPS, & Fed-Ex shipments are automaticly insured up to $100.00, & come with delivery confirmation at no extra charge.

If the parts are more than this I'll charge the appropriate rate to cover the item (s)

No returns of anything without prior approval.

A credit will be happily extended for the price of the part(s) to the purchaser for any item that are shipped due to any error on my part.

Shipping charges ( to and from ) will not apply to this credit.
No Acceptions.

If for some reason the item(s) arrives back to me without a return appoval, consider the part(s) lost in cyberspace.
I don't want any suprises, and will be more than willing to try and work with you if you have any problem's.

If you ordered an item in error, and want to return the item after getting a return approval, I'll be more than happy to take the part (s) back with a 20% service charge.
(return shipping charges to not apply )

No returns on custom made items.
If something's wrong with the item (s) you ordered let me know what's up and I'll try and get it squared away.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Thanks for checking the "Van Stuff" web page out---


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